• Three Common Mistakes in Making an Academic Essay that You Should Avoid

    For most students, writing an academic essay is not an easy task; so, it is unavoidable to make mistakes when making one. However, too many errors could result in a low score or a failing grade.


    If you want to get a passing score or an A+ grade on your essay, you can consult a reliable writing service that you can check this page out or take note of these three common mistakes when making an academic essay.


    Mistake #1: Weak introduction


    The introduction is one of the crucial parts of any academic requirements such as the essay, dissertation, term paper, and more; it plays a huge part in persuading your potential readers to keep reading your paper until the conclusion. Unfortunately, not all students understand the importance of introduction, which could lead to the read disinterest to read.


    However, making a weak introduction is not the only problem; there are several students who would write their introduction with intricate phrases and words, which could also impact the reader’s interest.


    In making an introduction, you do not need to use words and phrases that are hard to understand. To make it strong and to get the reader’s attention, all you need to do is tell the reader what is in the essay. You may start with an overarching argument about the topic, followed by a small explanation on what will you be doing and how it’ll contribute to the argument. Lastly, provide a brief conclusion.


    Mistake #2: Using a complex sentence structure


    Even though the academic writing structure should be sophisticated, it doesn't mean that you also need to use some complex sentence structure.


    Using dangling modifiers and meandering clauses are one of the common mistakes when making an essay; however, it is the least recognized mistake – unless, a keen professor reads your essay. If you want to get a real and solid essay score, you have to make your argument clear and eliminate wordiness. Also, to make it easier for you and to ensure a passing or a good essay score, why not consider hiring a professional from a reliable writing service company? click here to get additional details.


    Mistake #3: Plagiarism


    Plagiarism is a crime – in school, it could get you expelled and blacklisted from other schools.


    There are several types of plagiarism and the two most common are intentional and careless writing – both have the same weight of how it will negatively impact your overall academic grade. So, make sure to avoid plagiarism; all you need to do is read and understand what your references are trying to convey and make sure to give credit to the author through proper citation.


    Final Thoughts

    Mistakes are inevitable when writing an essay, but you can always avoid them by clearly understanding the instructions and your topic. Also, you can use the help of reliable writing service; just check the homepage and find out their various offers.


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